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Blog posts April 2016

Why We Love Body Language ( And You Should,Too ! )

Body-Language-Defensive-PostureYour body language encompasses physical movements,gestures,facial expressions, eye movements, touch and how you use the space around you.

When your body language is not in tandem with the way you say something(Tone) and the choice of words that you use, 55% of focus is on your body language. That…

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Content or Delivery - Which is more important for effective presentations ?

Presentation Skills Debate - Content or deliveryYou must have heard of the adage "Content is King". But is content the only factor that helps you succeed in delivering effective presentations ? Many working professionals believe that having a good grasp over the content is enough to succeed in getting the attention of your audience. 

Then the…

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How to Achieve Personal Growth

Most of us, who land up a job soon after passing out from college, get completely immersed in the day to day affairs that our job demands. In fact, we get so busy with getting that task done, that we seldom look beyond. We believe that if we stick to what the boss says and do our job well, growth wo…

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