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Blog posts August 2016

6 Reasons why we don't translate knowledge to action - Part B

In my last blog post , I elaborated 3 out of 6 reasons why we don't translate knowledge into action. The remaining three are as follows:

  • Bookish knowledge does not work in real life
  • I'm too busy and there is simply no time
  • Where's my immediate pay off ?

4.Bookish knowledge does not wo…

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6 Reasons why we don't translate knowledge to action

Knowledge_to_actionAnyone who has attended a training session on resolving conflicts at work will vouch for the importance of active listening. Yet when it comes to practicing what we learn, all hell breaks loose -  “To hell with active listening, I’ll show him who’s the boss around here !”

Why do we find it…

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How To Overcome Your Monday Morning Blues


As you might have noticed, your Monday morning blues don’t actually start on a Monday morning. It starts building momentum just as the sun begins to set on our happiest day of the week-Sunday. The gnawing reality of waking up to yet another gruelling week at the office makes us feel the blues.

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The Problem With Being Too Busy

Alan Watts quote

Many of us tend to live a harried life. Monday to Friday cursing the drudgery at work and binge holidaying during the weekends. 
We are on an auto-pilot mode, repeating our actions like programmed machines. 

Alan Watts, the British philosopher better known for his attempt at popularizing E…

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