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How to Achieve Personal Growth

Most of us, who land up a job soon after passing out from college, get completely immersed in the day to day affairs that our job demands. In fact, we get so busy with getting that task done, that we seldom look beyond. We believe that if we stick to what the boss says and do our job well, growth would come automatically. When I mention the term 'growth', I refer to it both at a personal and professional level.

From what I have come to understand, growth, both at a personal and professional level, does not come about without self development. At work, we get to learn many things purely because of the systems and processes of which we are a part. This is just the default way of learning which would happen if you are plain earnest at work. You need to do much more than that to really grow and showcase your potential.

First,get yourself nominated for certifications and training programs in your organization. This would help you keep yourself abreast of the required knowledge in your domain. Check with your HR and supervisor as well on the training schedule in advance and convince them on why you should be nominated for the same.

Enroll for a course : Go enroll yourself for some short term course or high impact workshops if you are pressed for time.Remember, learning is continuous. Some of them may seem expensive, but think about the value it would create in terms of your career progression.

Read Read Read: Always keep reading and learning about any area of interest to you.

Volunteer: Volunteer yourself for any activity related to your area of learning. Volunteering is something which could give you a sense of happiness which comes from the act of giving. It also gives you the much required hands-on experience.

When you invest in learning and self development, it reflects on your character and personality. Those are the unique factors that people look for.  What do you wish to learn today ?

By Midhun Manmadhan

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