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Why We Love Body Language ( And You Should,Too ! )

Body-Language-Defensive-PostureYour body language encompasses physical movements,gestures,facial expressions, eye movements, touch and how you use the space around you.

When your body language is not in tandem with the way you say something(Tone) and the choice of words that you use, 55% of focus is on your body language. That’s a whopping percentage !

The 55% statistic is based on a study done by Dr Albert Mehrabian. This is referred to as the Mehrabian rule.

Whether you are making a presentation in front of your colleagues or asking your boss for a leave on Monday, your body language reveals your true intentions in more ways than one.

The simplest way to learn body language is to start observing people in public places. This could be at a social gathering like a party or other public places like bus stops, shopping malls etc. Try to decipher the context and situation or what might have transpired between people.

There are many aspects of body language that are universal across cultures and few others which are specific to a region or culture. For example, smiling, head-nods for agreement, open arms for acceptance, wide eyed expression of fear are all universal. Whether you are in Hyderabad or Honalulu,they mean the same thing. These have evolved over a long period of time and are inherent in our genetic make-up.

The more you observe, the more you learn.

Ask people you trust to observe you and give feedback about your body language in various situations. Analyze the feedback, become aware of your blind spot and start working on improving your body language. Awareness and acceptance is the first step towards making a conscious attempt to create a positive body language.

By Midhun Manmadhan

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