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Presentation skills training in hyderabad


Move from being a novice to an expert in communication your thoughts,public speaking and presentation skills by practicing,getting personalized coaching and quality feedback that helps you enhance the way you present.

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 What will you learn from the High Impact Presentations workshop? 

  • Overcome your fear of addressing an audience
  • Build terrific confidence and enthusiasm in your presentations
  • How to grab and keep the attention of your audience
  • How to match your delivery style to the audience type
  • Learn Secrets of mastering body language techniques to make you more likeable
  • Handle disruptive and challenging behaviour from your audience
  • Create outstanding slides using four basic design principles

How will you learn?

  • Individual and group presentations with live coaching and feedback
  • Fun games and exercises relevant to the topic
  • Short brainstorming sessions within groups
  • Innovative role plays that mimic real life situations
  • Videos that ignite your mind and inspire action

Facilitator Profile - Midhun Manmadhan

Midhun is a Dale Carnegie certified Learning and Development professional with 14 years of experience working with some of the Top 20 Fortune 500 companiesin the world like GE and Citigroup.He has a post graduate degree in management, specializing in marketing and systems with additional behavioral certifications such as Extended DISC to his credit.

Midhun has trained thousands of employees from diverse companies, working with multiple partnerships in the training industry. Some of these companies include top brands such as Wipro, Oracle, HDFC Bank, Reliance, Bajaj, Eureka Forbes and Essar Steel to name a few. His participants range from frontline personnel to Assistant Vice Presidents. 

Your investment includes workshop fees, a workshop kit, participation certificate, lunch, tea and snacks.  Limited seats. Register NOW !

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The current options for presentation skills training in Hyderabad are few are far in between. Think Level Four offers you the opportunity to learn public speaking and presentation skills in Hyderabad through 'active learning' methodologies.

Active learning techniques promote high levels of engagement and interaction in the session which is a must for experiential learning topics such as presentation skills and public speaking.

In Hyderabad , overcoming fear is a common challenge for many learners who want to master public speaking and presentation skills. Think Level Four goes beyond overcoming fear and helps you create strong pursuasive messages that floor your audience.

One to one coaching sessions are also provided for learners in Hyderabad to master their presentation skills and also help them prepare for public speaking.

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