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7 Ways to Overcome Your Phobia of Public Speaking


By Midhun Manmadhan ( As answered on Quora )

The best way to overcome phobia is being exposed to what you fear, first in a safe and supportive environment and then slowly graduating to more ‘risky’ situations.

  • Start by planning and preparing your speech ( Keep it short and simple )
  • Practice your speech in front of friends and ask for feedback(both positive as well as negative)
  • Don’t mug up your speech. Chances are , you will forget what you mugged up. Focus your mind of just the key points. Write those points in small cue cards and glance at them ONLY if required.
  • As you learn from feedback, keep taking every opportunity to address people. It could be a small meeting at work or informal gatherings. The more you attempt at getting yourself exposed to such situations, the quicker your phobia will disappear.
  • Do not obsess about looking perfect or being perfect all the time. None of us are. We are all Work In Progress (WIP).
  • There are worse things that could happen in life than getting booed out when you are making your speech. Look at rejections as being temporary.
  • Last but not the least, celebrate every single success of yours at public speaking, however small it may seem to you.

All the best !


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