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How To Overcome Your Monday Morning Blues


As you might have noticed, your Monday morning blues don’t actually start on a Monday morning. It starts building momentum just as the sun begins to set on our happiest day of the week-Sunday. The gnawing reality of waking up to yet another gruelling week at the office makes us feel the blues.

So what can we do to minimize the feeling of sadness and be more charged up on a Monday ?

Reach office early – Reaching office early has multiple benefits.  You can beat peak hour traffic which tends to be higher on Monday and be more relaxed as you enter your office. Chances are, you might be the only person around apart from the security and the housekeeping staff. This gives you a crucial window of opportunity to calmly focus and plan your day.

Prepare a 'To-Do List' for the day – David Rock in his book Your Brain At Work talks about the need to grab a piece of paper and write down your tasks for the day. This leaves you brain to do more important stuff such as prioritizing and making decisions rather than trying to store information.  Some tasks performed by your brain eat up more energy than others. When energy is limited, you want to save it for the more important tasks right?

Avoid negative talk – There is no need to get into a competitive conversation on who had the worst weekend.  “ I was doing a chauffeur’s  job ferrying my relatives up and down for our family function “. “ Oh at least you got to drive around town. I was down and out with a bad bout of cold and all I did was inhaling steam all day.”  It’s natural to feel bad when we lose out on what we love to do on our weekends. However, this kind of negative talk does nothing other than over-amplifying our misery.

It’s OK to smile on a Monday morning –  Many of us have lost our inherent ability to smile despite having a pleasant disposition, lest the boss thinks we have no work around the office. Well, what if you are the boss? Does it hurt to smile? Emotions are contagious. There is evidence of body language mirroring. We tend to mirror the expressions of others. A recent study cited in Psychology Today mentions a research done at University of Missouri- Kansas City(UMKC) in which researchers discovered that smiling can make you look younger and also thinner. I could do with both.

How do you wish to start your Monday morning ?

By Midhun Manmadhan


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