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So What If You Are the Boss ?

Boss_is_not_rightWe often see TV commercials where doctors and scientists dressed in their spotless white lab coats induce fear and persuade us to go for their recommended product. One that promises to wipe out germs from the face of the earth and your gums. Influence by authority might work for a toothpaste or antiseptic cream commercial, but using authority to get a buy-in from your team might not meet with the desired results all the time. I fully understand and appreciate that there are many instances where a boss might need to exercise authority to get work done. However, this needs to be an exception and not the norm.

An oft-repeated joke that I recall is about a boss who puts across his suggestion to a hapless team member stating” It’s just a suggestion, but remember who made it”. Having the freedom to air your views and take part in decision-making is every employee’s dream come true. When your boss tells you to put your head down and do what you are told, are you motivated enough to give your best? I doubt that.

Typical excuses that I hear from managers in organizational training include “but our industry is different”, “none of my team members have the required experience”,” we operate on a tight schedule “etc. Some bosses secretly fear of anarchy on their hands when they have to engage in collaborative decision making.

The fact of the matter is, human beings are probably the only creatures on earth driven by reason. When we hold back that reason and push our authority to get work done our way, we become less human. The boss may not always be right after all.

By Midhun Manmadhan

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