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The Problem With Being Too Busy

Alan Watts quote

Many of us tend to live a harried life. Monday to Friday cursing the drudgery at work and binge holidaying during the weekends. 
We are on an auto-pilot mode, repeating our actions like programmed machines. 

Alan Watts, the British philosopher better known for his attempt at popularizing Eastern philosophy for the Western audience categorically states the importance of living for the present and being mindful.

Another interesting author Greg McKeown in his recent book  'Essentialism,The Disciplined Pursuit of Less' asks "What if we stopped celebrating being busy as a measurement of importance ?" A worthy question indeed. We often love to tell others how busy and hectic our days have been. But of what good is it, when we do not have the time to reflect on our actions and re-calibrate our decisions ?

Too much worry about the future can tire us down from experiencing the beauty of  this present moment.

Let us not obsess about the future. A healthy concern helps. Obsession wears you down. The present moment is all that is there in your control. Are you willing to make the most of it ? - By Midhun Manmadhan

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