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So What If You Are the Boss ?

Boss_is_not_rightWe often see TV commercials where doctors and scientists dressed in their spotless white lab coats induce fear and persuade us to go for their recommended product. One that promises to wipe out germs from the face of the earth and your gums. Influence by authority might work for a toothpaste or anti…

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Does Money Motivate ?


Just as I was settling down with my morning coffee on a cold December morning,out popped a headline from the front page of my newspaper.  “Bring Nobel ,take home Rs 100 Crore : N Chandrababu Naidu.”  A sum that was 17 times more than the prize money given out with the Nobel award and a procl…

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The Other HAF of Leadership: Humility, Acceptance and Forgiveness


Our relentless pursuit towards perfection and excellence tends to blind us from cultivating traits that help us become resilient in the event of failures. What might be those factors that help us adopt a positive attitude and sustain equanimity when the going gets tough ?

Humility – What do you …

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Why are so many people unhappy at work ?

unhappy_at_work87% of employees are unhappy and disengaged at work according to a recent survey conducted by Gallup, the global performance management and consulting company. I have no reason to doubt the survey results as the vast majority of employees that I interact with, in the course of my work as a learning …

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6 Reasons why we don't translate knowledge to action - Part B

In my last blog post , I elaborated 3 out of 6 reasons why we don't translate knowledge into action. The remaining three are as follows:

  • Bookish knowledge does not work in real life
  • I'm too busy and there is simply no time
  • Where's my immediate pay off ?

4.Bookish knowledge does not wo…

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6 Reasons why we don't translate knowledge to action

Knowledge_to_actionAnyone who has attended a training session on resolving conflicts at work will vouch for the importance of active listening. Yet when it comes to practicing what we learn, all hell breaks loose -  “To hell with active listening, I’ll show him who’s the boss around here !”

Why do we find it…

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How To Overcome Your Monday Morning Blues


As you might have noticed, your Monday morning blues don’t actually start on a Monday morning. It starts building momentum just as the sun begins to set on our happiest day of the week-Sunday. The gnawing reality of waking up to yet another gruelling week at the office makes us feel the blues.

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The Problem With Being Too Busy

Alan Watts quote

Many of us tend to live a harried life. Monday to Friday cursing the drudgery at work and binge holidaying during the weekends. 
We are on an auto-pilot mode, repeating our actions like programmed machines. 

Alan Watts, the British philosopher better known for his attempt at popularizing E…

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7 Ways to Overcome Your Phobia of Public Speaking


By Midhun Manmadhan ( As answered on Quora )

The best way to overcome phobia is being exposed to what you fear, first in a safe and supportive environment and then slowly graduating to more ‘risky’ situations.

  • Start by planning and preparing your speech ( Keep it short and simple )
  • Pr…

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How to appear confident

The biggest challenge most of us face when facing an audience is frayed nerves. The moment we get up and face people, our mind is filled up with all kind of thoughts. "Is the audience judging me ?", " What if I forget the talk ?", "Do I look presentable ?" etc.

It is quite normal to feel stressed u…

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Presentation skills training in hyderabad


Move from being a novice to an expert in communication your thoughts,public speaking and presentation skills by practicing,getting personalized coaching and quality f…

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Stop Obsessing Over Stage Fright

overcoming_stage_fearDo you suffer from stage fright ?

Don't worry. You're not alone. Approximately 9 out of 10 people suffer from anxiety while facing an audience. Mind you, this includes even top celebrities from the movie industry and also celebrated artists worldwide.

A 2013 article from Huffington Post quoted…

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5 ways to overcome your fear of public speaking and deliver outstanding presentations

Why We Love Body Language ( And You Should,Too ! )

Body-Language-Defensive-PostureYour body language encompasses physical movements,gestures,facial expressions, eye movements, touch and how you use the space around you.

When your body language is not in tandem with the way you say something(Tone) and the choice of words that you use, 55% of focus is on your body language. That…

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Content or Delivery - Which is more important for effective presentations ?

Presentation Skills Debate - Content or deliveryYou must have heard of the adage "Content is King". But is content the only factor that helps you succeed in delivering effective presentations ? Many working professionals believe that having a good grasp over the content is enough to succeed in getting the attention of your audience. 

Then the…

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How to Achieve Personal Growth

Most of us, who land up a job soon after passing out from college, get completely immersed in the day to day affairs that our job demands. In fact, we get so busy with getting that task done, that we seldom look beyond. We believe that if we stick to what the boss says and do our job well, growth wo…

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