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The Four Levels of Learning

  1. I don't know what I don't know
  2. I know what I don't know
  3. I make an effort and learn
  4. The new skill becomes a habit

These can be described as 'Four Stages for Learning Any New Skill'.  At the fourth level of learning, through regular practice and feedback,the skill is so ingrained, that it becomes 'second nature'.

Think Level Four specializes in learning interventions that are learner-centric and performance focussed keeping in mind the organizational needs.

Our soft skills training bridges the gap between 'Knowing' and 'Doing'. At Think Level Four, we design & facilitate learning programs that go beyond knowledge acquisition.We create a supportive, participative and collaborative environment for learners to practice their new skills and receive unequivocal feedback. This acts as a catalyst for learners to progress towards the ultimate level of learning- Level Four.